Do russian spy agencies rely on Bitcoin ?

The Russian BBC channel spoke about the fact that russian spy agencies are using #bitcoin [1]  for their underground operations and was using BTC-e as main platform for their exchange. People who know well the crypto-world know that Russia is a "crypto-country" where a lot of actors and companies are acting in the crypto-fields for many different reasons.

The platform BTC-e was at the center of many interrogation from western countries "researcher" said that 70% of the exchange in BTC-e was related to criminal activities..

Who will move the BitCoin Market ?

The 18 millionth Bitcoin was mined. That’s 85% of the total Bitcoin supply, which is limited to 21 million. The question is then now here : what will the price of BTC do in a near future ?

The crypto-currencies are based on a planned rarefaction : its means that there is a pre-planned limited number of coins which needs to be distribued.

More the number of coins is raising. more difficult mining is and at the end you won't be able to produce one coin more.

The biggest threat to blockchain based cryptocurrencies is its massive adoption

# Bitcoin and Ethereum will disapear or become the money of the elite A

There is a paradox you need to know about blockchain based cryptocurrencies: the size of the blockchain itself is a big threat.

All transaction(s) are stored in a single file. It's the case for the majority of known Cryptocurrencies like BitCoin where the blockchain is about to reach 250 GB now :

People using BTC (Bitcoin) can be localized and their IP address revealed

Bitcoin is a digital currency and electronic payment system operating over a peer-to-peer network on the Internet. One of its most important properties is, theoretically, the high level of anonymity it provides for its users. A lot of people think that.

The only problem is it's possible for any people knowing mathematics and with enough funds to spend to set up live servers to localize BTC address and reveal the IP and the Geolocalization.