Creating a digital market place open for IT projects in Switzerland

# Call for proposal for IT in Switzerland A
During my 18 years of experience in IT fields, both in agencies or companies, both acting as a contractor or using contractors, the first big wall was how to make the call for proposals ? or, how can i apply to call for proposal? In the contractor's side, there is no list of all IT projects submitted by various institutions, all ideas that require work on IT fields, or a view of a pending project which is just stopped because nobody can do it. Agencies are just trying to play their network's game doing cold call, useless meeting to "check if", and bother their network with events to attract the attention of companies.

Maintenance is ALL

# Maintenance is ALL A
If you need to have a mantra you repeat each day when you are working: it's "maintenance is all". It's not only true for software and IT department but also true for many kinds of businesses.

A solution to solve the power of gravitation of big brand in IT field : the amazon web service's case

# The Amazon Web Service Nightmare A

The Amazon Web Service service is a funny thing. Very hard to configure, there is now a special job for this new IT ecosystem, but they are still attracting mid-size companies or even worse small companies to them.

They are attracting them without any effort to do it: the power of the brand of Amazon is very strong even far away from their initial job which is e-commerce.

Is blockchain in administration the graal or just a highway to hell ?

# Most of the projects with Blockchain are highways to hell A
A very good blog post "Why Geneva wants to be powered by the Blockchain ", with the interview of Gianfranco Moi, deputy general director of economic development in the Republic of Geneva, explain to us how it could be fast and secure to register a company in one day in Geneva. The concept will be based in the Ethereum blockchain thanks to its well-known smart contracts.

The biggest threat to blockchain based cryptocurrencies is its massive adoption

# Bitcoin and Ethereum will disapear or become the money of the elite A

There is a paradox you need to know about blockchain based cryptocurrencies: the size of the blockchain itself is a big threat.

All transaction(s) are stored in a single file. It's the case for the majority of known Cryptocurrencies like BitCoin where the blockchain is about to reach 250 GB now :

Crypto-exchange platforms are producing fake crypto money and it's not a good news.

# How crypto exchange platform can use your fake account deposit. A

When i am using my coinbase account, i can make a transfer between external wallet and my coinbase account wallet. Good. And it's normal. It means that the blockchain of each currency is used to process the payment.

But they have another option where you can convert between crypto-currencies inside your own coinbase portfolio

Are cryptocurrencies for bad guys ?

# Money Laundering is the only market where cryptocurrencies are efficient now A

A very good post about the possible funding of so-called "separatists" in east-ukraine by russia  using crypto asset to transfer money easily and outside any radar remember us that, perhaps, the crypto real world is divided into 2 sub-worlds: one world is accumulating cryptocurrencies without spending them seeing them as refuge values or thinking them as a new platonic revolution and the other is using it for undercover o