Customer care is not a matter of tools or guidelines but it's all about your employees

A very good video about why Virgin succeed in the airline business while others were going straight to the bankrupt


This video of 2013 has to be understood as " The key point of your customer care is the mind spirit of your employees"

No matter of the tools you are using, it's finally your employees who are the face of the company..

Yes, Customer Care is the core of your business, i tell you all about my experience with Shopify (french)

I am perhaps a very horrible client but I think I am the 99% of the client online now. I tell you a little story.

Last(s) day(s) I have clients using Shopify then I told my self: ok let's do a store for pleasure just to see what all this drop shippers are talking about and i decided to train myself dropshipping with few google ads. Yes just for fun but there were professional reasons behind too. I don't like the business model of Shopify at all, to be honest, but I would like to test why it's so great and recommend it later ...


All the tools in 2019 to collect leads and manage the follow-up with marketing automation

Leadfeeder did again great with an awesome blog (1) where they rank at least 40 of the best tool to collect lead and manage the follow up behind. You have all the tools to test and use for some $$$ by month to do your marketer job. There is no need now to develop an in-house tool, you have all in SaaS mode, sometimes even free to start with.

Is the servant leader using the leadership for the new digital age ?

# Being a servant leader is just be a good man A

An old concept is emerging again with leaders in the digital age: the servant leader.(2)

The notion send back humility but also is useful and not necessary a lack of strength.

This notion is not new. Some in the 20th like John Aldair (1) born in 1934 and in late 1970 with Robert Greenleaf wrote about the leader who is helping people in his team to achieve their objectives by providing support and help.

"You serve my career then I am serving you in return, too" could be one of the sentences of the perfect "servant leader".

Creating a digital market place open for IT projects in Switzerland

# Call for proposal for IT in Switzerland A
During my 18 years of experience in IT fields, both in agencies or companies, both acting as a contractor or using contractors, the first big wall was how to make the call for proposals ? or, how can i apply to call for proposal? In the contractor's side, there is no list of all IT projects submitted by various institutions, all ideas that require work on IT fields, or a view of a pending project which is just stopped because nobody can do it. Agencies are just trying to play their network's game doing cold call, useless meeting to "check if", and bother their network with events to attract the attention of companies.

Maintenance is ALL

# Maintenance is ALL A
If you need to have a mantra you repeat each day when you are working: it's "maintenance is all". It's not only true for software and IT department but also true for many kinds of businesses.

A solution to solve the power of gravitation of big brand in IT field : the amazon web service's case

# The Amazon Web Service Nightmare A

The Amazon Web Service service is a funny thing. Very hard to configure, there is now a special job for this new IT ecosystem, but they are still attracting mid-size companies or even worse small companies to them.

They are attracting them without any effort to do it: the power of the brand of Amazon is very strong even far away from their initial job which is e-commerce.

Is blockchain in administration the graal or just a highway to hell ?

# Most of the projects with Blockchain are highways to hell A
A very good blog post "Why Geneva wants to be powered by the Blockchain ", with the interview of Gianfranco Moi, deputy general director of economic development in the Republic of Geneva, explain to us how it could be fast and secure to register a company in one day in Geneva. The concept will be based in the Ethereum blockchain thanks to its well-known smart contracts.