How to find easily between multiple agenda the "common" free time for all of them using Matrix and Hadamard operator

Mathematics is often viewed as complex but finally a lot of mathematical tools helps you in daily programming.

My problem of today is i have multiple agenda and i need to find between them the "common" free(available) time. 

If i had a strict mathematical language i will tell you that we will use Hadamard Operator between n matrix representing my schedule of each ressource to produce the final matrix where i can find the free time between this.

I will have this if A and B are 2 matrix of same dimensions using Hadamard (1 don't read it, nightmare)

ThirdBrain SA closed, temporary, its trading activities for customers.

ThirdBrain Sa is mostly active in Asia : Japan first, Singapore, Honk-Kong etc..

During the outbreak of the pandemia in Asia, we received a lot of emails of people from this region asking us to stop trading on the risks linked to this pandemia.

We decided to do this at the end of january 2020.

Since February 2020, we are still honoring contracts with some b2b suppliers but we stopped to sell ours robots to customers directly because we think it's not the time to trade against the systemic risk linked to the pandemia.

R.I.P good time, SEQUOIA capital told us a little story about crisis.

We all know now that a big crisis is now coming. Some articles in the past was annoucing a financial crisis first.

We have a health crisis topped with a global problem on political governance.

Both are driving us to a "monster crisis" if politicians are not taking the good measures and few countries are doing right now.

Back in 2008, Sequoia Capital shared with its portfolio companies some tips for surviving the economic downturn.

Let's do some maths, why companies need to take care about the Coronavirus

A very good blog post about the virus, coronavirus and some maths from the president of the first association of belgian doctors,Dr philippe devos, (FR) (1) explains why we may have a pandemia ahead that will strike the economy and this advices - which are not alarmist by the way - have to be followed by everyone .

At ThirdBrain during 7 years and still now we are producing software which forecast future for the economy market and we studied a lot of software in the same area including virus spreading ones, climates ones etc...

For the Virus , it's very very very simple.

Certitude is your worst ennemy : let your team teach you ...

If a 5 years old child ask his father how a plane is flying, the father will explain him as a certitude how he think he fly but it's more or less false. Indeed do you know that nobody knows how a plane fly ? 

if you don't trust me, check this link :

Coding is passion

Coding is a matter of passion and...languages. No need of super maths skills to be the wizard of tomorrow... This very good video is still for me a very good resume of why i started programming at 10 years old...with Basic and Amstrad CPC 464...



Too big, too bad, it's time to think outside the GAFA

We all know Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. They did a wonderfull job on tech transforming our every day life and connecting people like never before we tought it was possible.

Then a big hug for them and for their CEO as they were the pionneer of now, they make up dreaming and thinking to the future and they brought us some extraordinary tools used everyday by a lot of people and companies.

But sorry to tell you that you are the nightmare of tomorrow.

Do russian spy agencies rely on Bitcoin ?

The Russian BBC channel spoke about the fact that russian spy agencies are using #bitcoin [1]  for their underground operations and was using BTC-e as main platform for their exchange. People who know well the crypto-world know that Russia is a "crypto-country" where a lot of actors and companies are acting in the crypto-fields for many different reasons.

The platform BTC-e was at the center of many interrogation from western countries "researcher" said that 70% of the exchange in BTC-e was related to criminal activities..

Coders are artists. Let's abandon the idea that industrial skills are needed to produce good IT projects.

After 18 years managing many IT projects from small company to big ones in 3 countries, i have  bunches of doubts and a real no certitude how to have a right journey and some certitude about why a project is failing.

The forecast in IT project is a nightmare.

Nobody can predict how long a taks will last.

All people presenting fixed deadlines are liers because they can't have a grip on the journey of their project.

You can only think in term of "big moment" detecting core elements which are the roots of all problems and all solutions.