The World of Crypto-Currencies is  a wild and exciting world with a lot of studies and awesome debates. Welcome.

Some resources to begin

  • The CRIX index : this index is composed of the top crypto-currencies and reflects their valuation. It's a NASDAQ-like index and perhaps the next index to follow where fund(s) will be based on. In any case, you would have to compare the performance of your portfolio to this index to be sure that you are going in the normal direction. Doing 40% while the Index is doing 60% in the same period only means you are a bad wealth manager and made bad choices. see more on
     The CRIX Index for crypto-currencies
  • A Bayesian approach to identify Bitcoin users: a good paper (here) about how to map IP address, geoloc and BTC address. It shows that BTC method is not the best crypto to hide in the network. All government agencies would easily track you if they want to and it's accessible also for any people able to put dozens of servers online with a modified bitcoin daemon.
    The transactions of a single user (tx) assign probabilities to the clients (IP addresses), which shows the likelihood that the client is the originator of the transaction.
    BTC and IP addresses can be mapped.